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Spinal Decompression Success Stories:

Joanne I.

The aching in my low back caused weakness in my left leg and trouble bending over. This was very much improved with treatment by Dr. Beach.

Ralph M.

I had sharp pain in my upper right thigh to my right buttock area for about four months. Dr. Beach's office was very professional and supportive in their care. I was a bit unsure at first of the outcome but remained hopeful which did pay off for me with excellent improvement.

Guerline L.

I had sharp, lingering and radiating low back pain that had lasted for two years, if not more. Dr. Beach did several different techniques which helped improve my back. I feel so much relief!

Dominic L.

I have a very physically challenging job and I had sharp low back pain with numbness and tingling radiating down my left leg for three years. Dr. Beach went above and beyond to help my pain and I saw good improvement. 

Donna M.

I had low back pain extending into the gluteus and hamstring off and on over 3 years. There was aching, burning and tingling pain that wouldn't go away. Dr. Beach assessed my problem and recommended a personalized treatment plan for spinal decompression with ongoing monitoring. My problem was significantly improved with excellent results.

Rob B.

I've been having low back pain for years and years, often with sharp and stabbing pain. I had spinal decompression treatments along with chiropractic adjustments with a stretching routine. I have had excellent improvement and following Dr. Beach's protocol, which has helped me more than recommendations from any other doctors.

Carmen N.

Dr. Beach is an excellent chiropractor! I walked into his office two months ago in excruciating pain because of a disc bulge and pinched nerve. After he developed a treatment plan for me, I am now pain free and feeling fabulous! He is knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate! His office staff is wonderful, as well! I highly recommend this practice!

Dan C.

I was in a lot of pain in my lower back & hip. Doctor ordered an MRI and found a compressed disc in the lower lumbar spine. He recommended using their decompression table, which I was at first skeptical about. However, after discussing with friends and family, I decided to give it a try. After 20 visits, I have NO pain and I feel very happy.

Jill Y.

My initial major problem was low back pain from herniated/bulging discs that was on and off for 6 years, but getting worse and more frequent. This spinal decompression process seemed to fit with exactly what was wrong with me. I feel so much better and stronger. I can resume many activities!

Joe V.

My symptoms are almost entirely gone. The right foot tingling has completed stopped. Lower right back pain is minor, and there is no longer constant pain.

Ana A.

Following the Doctor's assessment and recommendations, I went through the spinal decompression treatments with noticeable improvements from the beginning, when I had severe neck and arm pain. I truly recommend it!

Core Health Chiropractic Testimonials:

Linda Wheeler, Greenwood Lake, NY

For several years, I have experienced neck pain. Although, as a senior this was not surprising, one morning the pain was so intense I could hardly lift my head up off my bed. Therefore, I called Dr. Devin Beach, who I had learned about through a friend. An x-ray was ordered and we then began therapy. Ironically, if you visit a medical doctor, they are not required to order an x-ray and will most likely prescribe medication for your pain. At Dr. Beach’s office we examined my condition with onscreen pictures of my spine and Dr. Beach planned a routine towards wellness. Periodic adjustments and learned exercise have extremely improved my condition. If you are suffering with neck pain, I highly recommend Dr. Devin Beach at Core Health Chiropractic, in Monroe, NY. Not only is Dr. Beach amazing, his staff is courteous, professional, caring and friendly.

Saul Bruh, Monroe, NY

Dr. Beach is an excellent Chiropractor. His staff is great as well and the place is clean...they make you feel very comfortable.

Ronald Walls

Best chiropractor I ever used! Highly recommend.

Curtis Biederbeck

Having never been to a chiropractor, I did not know what to expect. Dr. Beach exceeded my expectations.
Not only did he take the time to explain what he was doing, he did so in both a professional and friendly manner. I highly recommend Dr. Beach for those who are new to chiropractors and those who have gone to chiropractors for years.

Tyler Overk, Nyack, NY

I have received chiropractic care for the last ten years and can honestly say Dr Beach is one of the best. Try him once and you'll feel the difference. Thanks Core Health!

Dianne Groff

I've been going to Dr. Beach since he's taken over the practice, and as much as I liked Dr. Tobey, I love Dr. Beach. My neck and back pain is nonexistent when I leave there, and the length of time between visits has extended because I remain pain-free for longer than ever. I am constantly recommending him to anyone I can!

Caitlin Averill, Monroe, NY

Dr. Beach is amazing! It had been a long time since I had gone to a chiropractor and Dr. Beach put my mind at ease. He really listened to all my needs and I left knowing I had made a great decision to return to chiropractic care. The office is super clean and the staff is really nice! I'm always greeted with a warm smile and a friendly hello. I would highly recommend Dr. Beach at Core Health Chiropractic for all your chiropractic needs!

Robert Averill, Monroe, NY

The team at Core Health Chiropractic is both courteous and professional. The office is clean and well managed. As a new patient who has never gone to a chiropractor before I was truly impressed with Dr. Beach's approach to treating my neck and lower back issues. I'm so glad I went to see Dr. Beach and I highly recommend him and his practice !

Michelle S. Brusca

Dr. Beach is a miracle worker! I had intense jaw pain due to some TMJ issues combined with inconsistent night guard wear (for grinding). I had never been to a chiropractor at all and was skeptical that this could help at first. But Dr. Devin was amazing - we had several sessions and not only did he adjust my neck (which felt great!), he was also able to isolate an upper jaw muscle inside my mouth that was in severe spasm. It took a few weeks, and 4 short sessions, but the daily intense pain that I had been feeling for months just all of a sudden vanished! I am so glad I went the chiropractic route - thank you Dr. Beach!

Dale C, Highland Mills, NY 

I received excellent care from Dr. Beach at Core Health Chiropractic! He and the staff are very personable, kind and concerned. I had low back pain into the left side that was significantly reduced. I intend to continue my care here thanks to Dr. Beach. I would classify my improvement as excellent!